Thoughts On Tonight’s Play

Things went pretty well tonight, except for the fact that I lost that Nullsword in a fight with a Dark Fairy. Back to the Tempered Steel Broadsword I go… and almost right after that happened I started hunting with two guys down in the Thieves’ Hole. Needless to say I wasn’t dealing out much damage, but I won’t complain about jumping up 9 levels in one hour. That saves me from having to spend 10 hours getting enough build points to become a Dagger expert so I can go on that quest the weapons shopkeeper in East Leinster is going to send me on.

Right after that I went back to East Leinster, having completely forgotten to no longer accept group members, and got accosted by this dude named Peon who was apparently looking for a little fun with newbies. I saw the notice saying he joined my group, but I didn’t give it much thought because I was about ready to log off for the night. Next thing I know I’m at the entrance to the Ratling Run in a fight with one of those 24HP Ratlings. The fight was over in one turn, so further damage was avoided. Here is what transpired in the /t conversation after I nimbly avoided his attempt to kill me.

<Deuroth> wtf man
<Peon> what do you mean?
<Deuroth> Peon mumbles ‘Flamir tos ehrikahr!’ under his breath
<Peon> 🙁
<Deuroth> Deuroth is burned for 233HP! Deuroth is hurt badly! Peon is burned for 123HP!
<Deuroth> 🙁 is right
<Peon> I tryed to kill you but faild 🙁
<Deuroth> Yeah, nice try
<Deuroth> Guess IQ always prevails eh 🙂
<Peon> you got lucking 🙂
<Deuroth> Yeah, here’s a tip though
<Deuroth> don’t drag people to the ratling run
<Deuroth> you wouldn’t have finished me in one turn
<Deuroth> and thats all it took to finish the fight 🙂
<Peon> I need to take them to fod
<Peon> but takes a bit to get there

Hahahahaha. Here’s to hoping I get “lucking :)” next time too.

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