Day: June 21, 2001

Thoughts On Tonight’s Play

Things went pretty well tonight, except for the fact that I lost that Nullsword in a fight with a Dark Fairy. Back to the Tempered Steel Broadsword I go… and almost right after that happened I started hunting with two guys down in the Thieves’ Hole. Needless to say I wasn’t dealing out much damage, but I won’t complain about jumping up 9 levels in one hour. That saves me from having to spend 10 hours getting enough build points to become a Dagger expert so I can go on that quest the weapons shopkeeper in East Leinster is going to send me on.

Right after that I went back to East Leinster, having completely forgotten to no longer accept group members, and got accosted by this dude named Peon who was apparently looking for a little fun with newbies. I saw the notice saying he joined my group, but I didn’t give it much thought because I was about ready to log off for the night. Next thing I know I’m at the entrance to the Ratling Run in a fight with one of those 24HP Ratlings. The fight was over in one turn, so further damage was avoided. Here is what transpired in the /t conversation after I nimbly avoided his attempt to kill me.

<Deuroth> wtf man
<Peon> what do you mean?
<Deuroth> Peon mumbles ‘Flamir tos ehrikahr!’ under his breath
<Peon> 🙁
<Deuroth> Deuroth is burned for 233HP! Deuroth is hurt badly! Peon is burned for 123HP!
<Deuroth> 🙁 is right
<Peon> I tryed to kill you but faild 🙁
<Deuroth> Yeah, nice try
<Deuroth> Guess IQ always prevails eh 🙂
<Peon> you got lucking 🙂
<Deuroth> Yeah, here’s a tip though
<Deuroth> don’t drag people to the ratling run
<Deuroth> you wouldn’t have finished me in one turn
<Deuroth> and thats all it took to finish the fight 🙂
<Peon> I need to take them to fod
<Peon> but takes a bit to get there

Hahahahaha. Here’s to hoping I get “lucking :)” next time too.

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OOC Rant

I’m just going to use this space for blathering about nothing until I figure out another way to use this section.

Forget it, I’m just going to use this space for blathering about nothing.

I started this site with a Concepts section as well, but then after looking at this without sleep deprivation I realized I basically had two sections that were going to accomplish the same goal, so I picked the one with the dumber name and threw the other one out. So we’re down to five sections (excluding the main page), and I still haven’t decided on what to put in the About section. I want to put up a biography for Deuroth there, but I still have yet to think of one. It’s taking time to figure out because I don’t want a story that anyone could have guessed at with a clue or two. This involves:

  • No being abandoned or having parents/family killed
  • No being a star pupil at the local guild or school
  • No being a member of royalty or nobility
  • No being out to avenge the death of your one true love.
  • And no being mad about who your parents chose for your wife and then taking a gun and capping your whole family.. hey, wait a sec.

Note that famous medieval stories such as Braveheart and Robin Hood already fell victim to one or more of these points. This is not good. If you want to be original, make a story about a lowly peasant in absolute poverty who grew up to be 17 before he died of a nasty plague. Now that’s original.

Those other ideas are too clichè, though – just like websites that are overloaded with graphics and java applets that do nothing but slow page loading down and anger people who have slow computers that would run better with a huge rusted metal spike through the hard drive. Take for example this site. Notice how everything is on one file and if you are accessing via dialup it will take so much time to load that you can literally step away from your computer and go potty, come back, and it will have just finished loading. Believe me, I just checked. That is what you call an old-school page – and what I mean by that is that in the dark era (when you had to actually pay to be able to create folders on your Geocities page), a lot of HTML newbies assumed this meant you couldn’t create separate files to shorten the agony of having to download 50 graphics at once on a 14.4 modem. Heck, even if you were elite enough to have an internet connection, you probably only had 20 hours of access time a month – not that it mattered, considering that in 1995 the only things on the internet were chunky personal pages and Yahoo!.

That is all for now. I will write something else here when I run out of constructive things to do.

PS, after all that talk of old-school it behooves me to mention that I built this page using Notepad. Old-school HTML code warriors rule over all of the internet and will smite the Frontpage and other WYSIWYG editor-using weaklings with their clubs of truth, justice, and the American way.

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