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Saturday Night Boredom

I saw Transformers last night after work. It was hilarious, the special effects were great, and most importantly it did justice to my memory of a 20 year old cartoon. The preview for The Simpsons looked pretty funny, but I’ve never been a fan of that show so I don’t know if I’m going to go see it. The last time I did that (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), I was sorely bored after about the first five minutes. That, and tickets at the theater are $8.75 now. That’s almost half of what it’ll cost to buy the DVD, and twice what it’ll cost to rent or order on pay per view. Here’s an idea MPAA, you want people to quit pirating movies? Bring down the prices in the theaters. It shouldn’t cost $50 for a family of four to go see a 90 minute Disney sequel.

I took my first math test today, a week and a half after it was originally scheduled. In spite of the math teacher’s rather strict test makeup policy – that is, there is no makeup test ever – he had to bend in my case since I was down in Florida attending a funeral. The results won’t be official until Tuesday or maybe even Thursday, but I don’t see any reason why I didn’t blow that test out of the water. First of all, this is material I learned back in 1997 when I took trigonometry in high school. This is my third time taking it since graduating high school due to math placement policies at various institutions of higher learning. And more importantly: Pythagoras’ theorem, the relationship between the six trigonometric functions, vector addition, force, work, nautical bearings, etc. – they are all just right triangles, worded differently to apply to different situations. Bottom line is, right triangle trigonometry is pretty straightforward stuff.

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Friday Night Pwnage

Ended up seeing two movies Friday evening – Collateral and Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle. Probably the best 20 bucks I’ve spent in awhile, that’s for sure. It was kind of odd seeing Tom Cruise hop on the other side and be a bad guy for a change, after 20 years of him being the good guy. It was also kind of odd seeing him with gray hair … wonder if that was legit or not. Either way, it looks like a sign of the times for me. First time I saw him was in Top Gun when I was like 7 years old. Watching him grow old is just .. wierd. Another thing that’s a sign of the times too – apparently most of the film was shot on HD instead of on film. Didn’t look half-bad, either!

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So I was bored Saturday night and decided to go watch a movie. Having already seen Last Samurai twice I figured I’d go see something else instead – so I picked Timeline. The premise is simple, a group of archaeologists take a trip to France in the year 1357 and hilarity – along with one of the last known French military victories (did you mean French military defeats?) – ensues. Sound interesting? No. This movie is bad, horribly horribly bad. Whoever thought this would be a good idea should be fired and forever banned from ever making a movie ever again. Under no circumstances should you mix:

A) The white guy from Fast and Furious, 2 not-so-hot looking chicks, a dude with a French accent, 2 dudes with Scottish accents, and the French dude from the Matrix.


B) A mediocre science fiction story from Michael Crichton (seriously, after Andromeda Strain its clear this guy has more talent) that pretty loosely resembles some piece of shit I wrote in seventh grade English for a creative writing assignment.

I want my $7.50 back!

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Last Samurai

Incredible movie, reminds me of Shogun in a lot of ways. Don’t think I’ve seen people stand up and give the theater screen a standing ovation like tonight in quite some time. w00t!

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I’m Fixing a Hole

I broke the Funny section weeks ago. Not deliberately, mind you, I was attempting to make a quick update using command-line FTP and telnet. I telneted into the server, then I FTPed into it – all in the same session – and tried to get the HTML file from a location and put it back in the same location. End result: a blank file. That’s what I get for trying to edit this shit while I’m at work.

Anyhow, more updates should be on the way. I hope.

I finally saw Total Recall tonight. That was one of those movies that every kid in school was raving about and talking about how cool it was way the hell back in 1990-1991 and my parents would never let me see it. (Others that come to mind are Judge Dredd, Batman Returns, and Terminator 2.) I know why now, especially after hearing the director say he had to edit the movie quite a bit to get it an R rating in one of the special features on the DVD. Good movie, though. Violence = t3h win.

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