Month: June 2003

Posted June 16, 2003

Notice to the red-headed assclown in Colorado:
Quit being such a fucking idiot.

I’ve finally figured out how to make the background remain stationary under Mozilla, so after the tedious job of going through and updating all the HTML and CSS files this page should now look right no matter which browser you use. Give me a damn medal! I’ve gone through and made some alterations to the file structure as well just for my own sanity. Still to come: various other ‘improvements’ you’ll probably never notice. 😀

Also the more I use Redhat the more I like it .. it’s just too damn cool.

Update: I broke it! Grabbed about 200MB worth of updates, and along with that came a kernel update that broke both the video card and the modem installations. What a friggin mess. w00t!

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Posted June 15, 2003

I’ve gotten pretty much all of the Redhat 9 bugs kicked out. The dialup connection works and I have figured out how to get my shared drive and flash drive mounted into the system so I can access those. Next is to go look for software updates and other random shit … I think if I get this OS figured out well enough I may switch to it for regular tasks and only go back to Windows XP when I have to. Starting to keep track of all the stuff I do so if I want to go do something later on down the line I know how I did it the first time.

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Posted June 13, 2003

Ok, so I was able to get Redhat 9 installed and working properly. My suspicion about the video card with Redhat 7.2 was correct. I ran into a huge roadblock with about half the hardware on my PC which was solved by turning Plug And Play OS off in the BIOS. After doing that the operating system picked up all the pieces and now I have a complete system. The only problem left to deal with now is the dialup connection not working properly. The modem dials out, the connection is established successfully, I’m assigned an IP address and everything – but I can’t do a damn thing! Browsers refuse to resolve hosts and I can’t ping any IP addresses. Funny thing is I hijacked the family’s cable modem and was able to do anything I wanted to. So wtf.

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Posted June 12, 2003

What a bloody nightmare. This UNIX class I’m taking right now came with a book that had the Redhat 7.2 installation CD’s bundled in, so despite the complete failure that FreeBSD 5 was I decided to give it a shot. And magically, it worked! It installed on my second box with very little trouble. Then I got to thinking … maybe I can run a dual boot with Windows XP and just use my main computer. So I tried it, and it failed miserably – looked like it just wasn’t ready for the hardware this computer has. The setup utility wouldn’t recognize my USB keyboard – recognized the USB mouse – and oddly enough, it would accept input from the USB keyboard if and only if I had a PS/2 keyboard plugged in. WTF? It also didn’t have my video card listed, which I suspect was the root of the problem with the Wine service refusing to startup at boot. I probably installed Redhat three times and Windows twice before I gave up. I’m currently downloading Redhat 9.0, gonna give this one more shot …

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Posted June 9, 2003

Man I’m behind schedule on everything. My grandparents spent two weeks here so I made it my primary goal to be either away from the house as much as possible or to be asleep while they’re awake – and for the most part, it paid off. However my plans to have the cabalist in the upper-40s by now were shot to hell, as of this morning I’m barely halfway through 43. There’s probably more than my grandparents to blame for that – I started a necromancer and leveled him to 22, although between the shortcut to 20 that Mythic just put in and the fact that necromancers are very fast levelers that hasn’t taken much time, 20 hours tops.

The new Metallica album is out. Pretty much all that needs to be said is that it’s better than Reload, but in terms of quality their first five albums just kick the shit out of it. They did bring the raw heavy sound they used to have back to the front, and there are several moments in the album where it feels like you’re listening to their older shit – but those moments are few and far between. If they do any more studio albums, I’d rather see them totally revert to the sound they had on Ride the Lightning or Master Of Puppets. Mind-bending solos, long instrumental breaks, and severe ass-kicking. That’s what made them famous and quite honestly, everything they’ve done after Metallica has been sub-par.

As for site updates, I added a couple more funny pictures in and took the cam pic out. Basically the cheap piece of shit I was using quit working.

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