Day: January 9, 2005

In Progress.

Well, I like the old design, and I like the new software. I’m currently working on putting the two together, so things are going to look strange for a few days.

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Site News

And so ends the hunt for “something different.” I’ve found b2evolution to be just about the slickest thing ever – it does everything boastmachine was supposed to do, has a full backend (in several hours of getting things set up, I’ve not once opened up a shell window), looks and acts cleaner, and has options for expansion that I’ll be looking into for a side project I’m working on.

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January Update

The casino ads are caused by a vulnerability within Boastmachine itself. The author’s only attempt at fixing the issue is either by forcing people to type in a code to make a post, or to edit some file every 3-4 days to filter out casino shit. Yeah right. So begins the hunt for something different.

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