Month: February 2005


These steps should be followed to try to resolve error 0x800B0001 in Windows Update:

1) Clear cache
2) Disable firewalls/proxy settings
3) Click Start -> Run, type “services.msc” (without quotation marks) in the Open box and click OK. Double click the service “Automatic Updates.” Click on the Log On tab, ensure the option “Local System account” is selected and the option “Allow service to interact with desktop” is unchecked. Repeat this step with Event Log and Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
4) Click Start -> Run, type “net stop WuAuServ” in the Open box and click OK. Then click Start -> Run, type “%windir%” in the Open box and click OK. Rename the SoftwareDistribution folder to SoftwareDistribution.old or something. Then click Start -> Run, type “net start WuAuServ” in the Open box and click OK.
5) Reregister these .dll files:


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So after bragging to my brother about how he’s had all this work done on his car (engine had to be remounted under the hood, axle boots, timing belt, etc), I finally had something happen to mine. Last year it was the brake cable that basically broke in the dead of winter, this time it was the ignition lock. I got into the truck and tried to start the shit – and the key wouldn’t turn. I figured it was just cold and tried heating up my key with a lighter. That didn’t work. Gave it some WD 40. That didn’t work.

$200 for the repair and at least 1 day missed from work, depending on if I can get a ride tomorrow. Great.

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I’m officially finished migrating the site to the new software. Basically the only difference between the site now and 2 hours ago is the directory and the presence of the Control Panel box down at the bottom-left. Woot!

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My abomination

I stopped by Big Brain the other night to do some maintenance on the project we did for them a few months ago. It was nice to see the 5-headed monster we set up working great. It seemed like half the customers that came in would go straight for a station there to look at artwork. Gave me kind of a sense of accomplishment knowing that Mark, Ed, and I basically worked our asses off for a good month and a half doing something that only a handful of people have ever done before and it was being put to pretty good use.

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