Month: January 2005

Some Kind of Monster

I saw the Metallica documentary over the weekend. I’ve been led to four conclusions:

1) James Hetfield is a whiny girl who’s always in a foul mood and feels like nothing he does is good enough.
2) Jason Newsted is an ass for quitting the band and then trying to weasel his way back in after finding out they were playing gigs again.
3) Lars Ulrich is just an annoying prick.
4) They’re all clowns for paying a “group therapist” 40 grand a month to help them kiss and make up.

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When I started up the hosting plan back in September of 2003, I was three hours past on the strictly business sale – $10 a month for the business-level plan. I was let in anyway. I started with 40GB of bandwidth and 1.6GB of space. Now I have 264GB of bandwidth and 11GB of space – still for just $10 a month.

I’m never cancelling. <3 Dreamhost

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Upload Directory Changes!

I’ve done some work on the Upload Directory. Now it only shows entries from 2005 by default, you have to click on 2004 in order to see what was uploaded last year. The files themselves have been untouched, so if you ever linked to anything from last year (me included) you won’t have to do anything.

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Coming along.

Banner graphic is done. This was probably a better idea than trying to do two different graphics for the top, unfortunately it took about 12 hours and 8 Mt. Dew Amps in order to make this happen. I’m wired and I need to pee. Next up are the comments and posts… as of right now I haven’t even touched the templates for those, which is why they still have that grade-school look going on. Shouldn’t be too hard though, it’s not as though anything else with evo has been!

If you’re using Firefox you should notice the syndication icon down in the lower-right corner. One of the nice yet somewhat useless features of the browser is to be able to bookmark a syndication as opposed to just a page, then you can just check your bookmarks for updated posts and it’ll have direct links to them. I personally wouldn’t use something like this, but it’s still cool.

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