Get a Job, Bum

Over the course of the last three months I’ve just about applied for every helpdesk position in Omaha and Lincoln, and some in California too. The fact that I still don’t have a helpdesk position stands as proof of how well that’s working out. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried several different resumes and cover letters, including some fashioned after some book designed for military personnel who are retired and looking for work in the civilian market. I always get either “we decided to go with another candidate” or I don’t get anything at all. Actually, that’s not exactly true – Time Warner sent me a letter three months after I applied for a broadband installer position. I had totally forgotten about that. Thanks, Time Warner! Jackasses. Seriously, how hard is it for you to drop a rejection letter in the mail and not have it take three months?

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