Day: August 6, 2004

Ignorant Clowns

Something that pisses me off …

“Hello? I have a question about this application you guys sent me. It says to enclose a monthly payment, but it doesn’t say how much the monthly payment is.” Ok, look at the second page and tell me if you see the payment listed there. “Oh there it is! Ha!”


Pay attention. Things are just the same as they were 50 years ago – when you were my age. That means you STILL have to do some thinking on your own every once in awhile. And that’s regardless of whether or not you’ve written off thinking because you’re too busy power walking around the mall at 9am and driving 45 miles per hour in the left lane on I-80. Some people seriously piss me off sometimes.

The great thing about the human race is that we use our brains and opposable thumbs to adapt to changes in our environment. When Og got cold in his cave he bundled up in extra bear hides or whatever and made a fire. Who cares if he got eaten by a cougar after that. But not today, no. You give someone a DVD player with plugs that are color-coordinated to match the inputs on their television and they’ll STILL manage to fuck it up forty ways from Sunday. Hell, you can get a monkey to do it properly if you promise it a banana.

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