Rebuilding the Beast

Morning update. The sucky part about building a new webpage is if you really get into it you’ll end up spending hours and hours on it, and before you know it it’s past 4am and it barely feels like you’ve made any progress at all. I spent two hours just wrestling with the upload script – I was supposed to be able to just copy all the files over from the Stupor website (which resides in another directory on the same server) but I kept getting internal server errors when I tested the scripts out. First thing was I somehow managed to jack up the shell scripts, so I had to straighten those out. Then I spent some time scouring through code I could barely understand for any possible errors. Keep in mind, I don’t know Perl but I somehow managed to hotwire the script so that it would keep track of things in an XML document for aesthetic purposes – it’s much easier to manipulate existing code than it is to create new code. Then finally after raging about it to a friend I realized I just didn’t have a folder permission set properly. Dammit.

Pretty sterile look, isn’t it? In the three or four times I’ve tried to rebuild this site I just couldn’t come up with anything worth using as a graphics-intensive background, so armed with some techniques I hashed out while building I kind of went back to the basics here. I’m in the process of going through a book on Photoshop CS so if I figure anything out later on down the line I may change things again. But as for right now that sexy banner at the top of the screen is as far as I’m going to go.

First of all the sections aren’t going to be exactly what they were before. The tech section went down completely, although depending on how certain things pan out in the next few days I may put it back up. The Required Viewing section is going to be a consolidation of what used to be the Funny Shit and General Shit sections. Things That Piss Me Off is going to be a section unto its own because I’ve got a huge stack of things to rant about. And Lose Some Weight, Fatass is exactly what it sounds like – I’ll be making notes there every so often about a personal project of mine. You do the math.

I’ve been listening to the Megadeth remasters for the last week now. It’s funny how you can get used to how shitty an album will sound when the band spends most of their recording money on drugs, then one of them wises up later in life and mixes everything they way it should have been mixed. A real eye-opener. The new album comes out September 14, but like any good netizen I’ve already downloaded it and listened to it 60 times. It’s that damn good.

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