Day: October 18, 2003

I’m Fixing a Hole

I broke the Funny section weeks ago. Not deliberately, mind you, I was attempting to make a quick update using command-line FTP and telnet. I telneted into the server, then I FTPed into it – all in the same session – and tried to get the HTML file from a location and put it back in the same location. End result: a blank file. That’s what I get for trying to edit this shit while I’m at work.

Anyhow, more updates should be on the way. I hope.

I finally saw Total Recall tonight. That was one of those movies that every kid in school was raving about and talking about how cool it was way the hell back in 1990-1991 and my parents would never let me see it. (Others that come to mind are Judge Dredd, Batman Returns, and Terminator 2.) I know why now, especially after hearing the director say he had to edit the movie quite a bit to get it an R rating in one of the special features on the DVD. Good movie, though. Violence = t3h win.

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