Day: October 8, 2003


Yeah, things have been pretty slow the last couple of days. I went and bought Unreal Tournament 2003 a couple of days ago so I’ve been playing that pretty constantly. I’ve seen a lot of Epic/DE’s critics bash UT for being too graphics-oriented instead of focused on gameplay, but I’ve personally never agreed. I don’t need to jack all the graphics way down just to squeeze an extra few frames per second out of my computer, I play the game to enjoy it.

Anyway I know there’s still some issues with the site (for example, I very stupidly broke the Funny section a few days ago) and will have them cleaned up before much longer. Gonna probably look at changing up the background a little bit as well. And I’m definitely testing Greymatter 1.3 before I put it live on the site. That’s one less thing I need broken, heh.

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