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i b stupid

Had some work done on my truck yesterday, went out and did some shopping, got home at around 5pm. Being that I had to work at 10pm and I hadn’t had any sleep yet, I set the alarm and took a nap. Some time later, the alarm buzzes, and I get up. I look at the clock … and it says 10:15. First thing out of my mouth is “OH FUCK” and I shoot out of bed, grab the phone, and call in to work saying I’m gonna be an hour late. I take about the fastest shower in the history of showering, get out, get my shit together, and head out. I hop in the truck and turn it on – and I looked at the clock for a quick time-check. And what does it say?

9:21. FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So not only did I scare the piss out of myself for nothing, I had to go in to work and explain why I was actually 30 minutes early instead of 60 minutes late. :/

alarm clock > rob 2-0 ggz

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new j0b = w00t

If the first three days of training are going to be any indication this job is going to kick some serious ass. My only regret is not having applied sooner.

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UNIX midterm last night, that went as well expected. Sad thing is we’re using 200MHz machines, so the installation part (half the test) took almost an hour and a half. That’s about the first test I’ve ever taken where I’ve been free to shoot the shit with other people simply because we couldn’t do anything else.

In other news:

(ST-Chung) You had your chance on ST, rob
(ST-Chung) then you got a haircut

Dammit, I knew I shoulda left my hair alone. 😐

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