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Get a Job, Bum

Over the course of the last three months I’ve just about applied for every helpdesk position in Omaha and Lincoln, and some in California too. The fact that I still don’t have a helpdesk position stands as proof of how well that’s working out. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried several different resumes and cover letters, including some fashioned after some book designed for military personnel who are retired and looking for work in the civilian market. I always get either “we decided to go with another candidate” or I don’t get anything at all. Actually, that’s not exactly true – Time Warner sent me a letter three months after I applied for a broadband installer position. I had totally forgotten about that. Thanks, Time Warner! Jackasses. Seriously, how hard is it for you to drop a rejection letter in the mail and not have it take three months?

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Ignorant Clowns

Something that pisses me off …

“Hello? I have a question about this application you guys sent me. It says to enclose a monthly payment, but it doesn’t say how much the monthly payment is.” Ok, look at the second page and tell me if you see the payment listed there. “Oh there it is! Ha!”


Pay attention. Things are just the same as they were 50 years ago – when you were my age. That means you STILL have to do some thinking on your own every once in awhile. And that’s regardless of whether or not you’ve written off thinking because you’re too busy power walking around the mall at 9am and driving 45 miles per hour in the left lane on I-80. Some people seriously piss me off sometimes.

The great thing about the human race is that we use our brains and opposable thumbs to adapt to changes in our environment. When Og got cold in his cave he bundled up in extra bear hides or whatever and made a fire. Who cares if he got eaten by a cougar after that. But not today, no. You give someone a DVD player with plugs that are color-coordinated to match the inputs on their television and they’ll STILL manage to fuck it up forty ways from Sunday. Hell, you can get a monkey to do it properly if you promise it a banana.

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Holy shit

This is what happens when it snows for 24 hours straight:

10pm – At work, truck is clean.

Midnight – First break. Went out to clean an inch of fresh snow off the truck. Because I had the defroster going at full on the way up to work, a bunch of snow melted on contact and then froze after awhile, so I had to scrape ice off as well.

2am – Lunch break. Went back out and cleaned another inch of snow off. Laughed at some church lady who tried to get out of the parking lot and ended up working two hours past her shift because she couldn’t get out.

4am – Last break. Cleaned another inch of snow off. Snow plow people have finally gotten around to cleaning the parking lot, but that didn’t matter any because there was a foot of snow collected around all four sides of my truck.

630am – Off from work. Cleaned off another inch of snow. New brake cable that I paid $200 to have put in because the old one broke just about froze, meaning I was about three seconds from having to drive home with the emergency brake still engaged.

And other wierd shit that happened at work:

1) Scheduling people screaming for people to stay late all night, even though I go 5-8 minutes between alarms.

2) Some guy wants us to totally ignore all his burglar alarm signals because there’s a cat in his office.

3) A motion detector in a school cafeteria keeps going off because of rats. I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty mad if I found out my kid was going to a school with a rat infestation problem in the damn cafeteria.

4) A co-worker had an alarm from a place called “Birmingham Rent-A-Cat” – what the hell would you rent a cat for? All those bastards do is eat, sleep, and claw the shit out of your furniture.

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Kick ass.

Marty Friedman is god.

In other news, Rob for ADT tech support? Could be happening soon, very soon … two steps up the ladder (and hence two pay raises) and a ridiculously easy job = teh win!

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i b stupid

Had some work done on my truck yesterday, went out and did some shopping, got home at around 5pm. Being that I had to work at 10pm and I hadn’t had any sleep yet, I set the alarm and took a nap. Some time later, the alarm buzzes, and I get up. I look at the clock … and it says 10:15. First thing out of my mouth is “OH FUCK” and I shoot out of bed, grab the phone, and call in to work saying I’m gonna be an hour late. I take about the fastest shower in the history of showering, get out, get my shit together, and head out. I hop in the truck and turn it on – and I looked at the clock for a quick time-check. And what does it say?

9:21. FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So not only did I scare the piss out of myself for nothing, I had to go in to work and explain why I was actually 30 minutes early instead of 60 minutes late. :/

alarm clock > rob 2-0 ggz

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