i b stupid

Had some work done on my truck yesterday, went out and did some shopping, got home at around 5pm. Being that I had to work at 10pm and I hadn’t had any sleep yet, I set the alarm and took a nap. Some time later, the alarm buzzes, and I get up. I look at the clock … and it says 10:15. First thing out of my mouth is “OH FUCK” and I shoot out of bed, grab the phone, and call in to work saying I’m gonna be an hour late. I take about the fastest shower in the history of showering, get out, get my shit together, and head out. I hop in the truck and turn it on – and I looked at the clock for a quick time-check. And what does it say?

9:21. FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So not only did I scare the piss out of myself for nothing, I had to go in to work and explain why I was actually 30 minutes early instead of 60 minutes late. :/

alarm clock > rob 2-0 ggz

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