Target Visa

Target’s relentless push to get everyone in their stores to get a Target Visa card. Look, brand loyalty is one thing, and I’m all for trying to promote that. Hell, Target’s much higher on the list of places I’d want to shop than shitholes like Wal-Mart. But at least Wal-Mart only promotes their credit card by putting applications at the checkout lanes and hanging a sign over the door. (After all, who needs a credit card when you can buy a gallon jar of pickles for 2 dollars, right?) Credit debt is such a huge problem in this country that debt counseling is it’s own fucking industry now. Yet Target’s hellbent on getting more cards in people’s wallets. I used to work there, and thank god I worked in the back because I know how hard they push sales floor associates to try to sign people up for that shit. I had my own stack of problems to deal with in the back, but that’s another rant for another day.

And what I really want to know is why the hell I bought a soda and a box of toothpaste (total purchase: 3 bucks) and I was asked if I wanted to save 10% on the purchase. WTF? Why do I want to get a line of credit just so I can save 30 cents at the checkout stand? Come on now, don’t be stupid.

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