Month: August 2004

The New Hotness™

Old and busted – dumb bitches with more silicon in their tits than brains in their head. Just like this bimbo:

The New Hotness™ – fly Chinese women who star in Jackie Chan movies and other uber-philsophical martial arts movies. Like Maggie Cheung:


[Historical note 2021-03-30: archive lost the original Maggie Cheung picture, so I substituted in one that I think I might have used. Whatever the case, my original point stands.]

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Rob 2, West 0

Ok, here’s the deal. I got the call from HunTel Wednesday afternoon, but since I was sleeping I missed it. Called them back the next morning and received the job offer! $11.50 per hour (bottom end of the payscale, but I’m not complaining), full benefits package, and possibly a raise in January. It’s a Monday through Friday 8-5 gig, with me supposedly being on call some weekends. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out just yet, I just know the folks won’t want me conducting too much (if any) of my work over the landline and cell phone reception in this house is absolutely pathetic. We’ll see I guess.

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I Heart My Job?

Ok, so I haven’t had a chance to update this interweb siet. I blame work, Muqtada Al-Sadr, and most of all my dumbass dog for shitting all over the floor AGAIN.

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People who don’t clear the way for people to get off of on-ramps on highways/freeways/etc when they have plenty of room in the next lane over. Ok, WHAT THE FUCK. Did you get lost on the way to driver’s ed in high school and manage to get into special ed instead? How about get off your goddamn cellphone for once in your life and pay attention to what the hell is going on around you. Your tax money may help with upkeep of the nation’s road system but that sure as hell doesn’t mean you own the shit.

Now get the FUCK out of my way.

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No Rest For the Weary

Ok, so I was chilling Saturday afternoon and I got the message from Weeda – Canning’s over at his place and they’re chilling and drinking some alcohol. Rolled over there and hung out for a couple of hours, then we invaded Rose Garden and got some beer on the way back. I forget how many beers I had, but by the time I left at about 11pm there were only 4 of them left out of a pack of 24. Oh yeah, and chili-flavored ramen noodles with cayenne pepper is the BOMB. There’s nothing like breathing fire when you’re drunk.

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