Goddamn annoying IE bug

I can’t figure this out. If you use absolute-positioned DIV tags in your website, Internet Explorer 6 will not let you highlight whatever text you want. Instead it just seems to pick a huge section of text and highlights all that for you. The only fix is to throw in some javascript code that doesn’t look like it does anything to solve the problem yet still manages to do so.


Now I know why I’ve been using Firefox exclusively for almost the last year now. If a bug like that made it into the software in a nightly build it’d be stamped out that night. Nobody would stand for shit like that. I’m not some open source zealot or anything, in fact I don’t mind Windows much at all. But seriously. There’s a continual lack of support for standards set down by the W3 Consortium.

And the holes in security are outrageous – don’t believe me? Hop over to http://www.incredimail.com and try going some place in their support section … and watch as the website not-so-politely tries to install their shit on your computer without your permission. And if you had ActiveX shit enabled (which Internet Explorer does, by default), you’d have had yourself a brand new mail program. Just for clicking on a link. Internet Explorer is teh suck.

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