Day: June 12, 2003

Posted June 12, 2003

What a bloody nightmare. This UNIX class I’m taking right now came with a book that had the Redhat 7.2 installation CD’s bundled in, so despite the complete failure that FreeBSD 5 was I decided to give it a shot. And magically, it worked! It installed on my second box with very little trouble. Then I got to thinking … maybe I can run a dual boot with Windows XP and just use my main computer. So I tried it, and it failed miserably – looked like it just wasn’t ready for the hardware this computer has. The setup utility wouldn’t recognize my USB keyboard – recognized the USB mouse – and oddly enough, it would accept input from the USB keyboard if and only if I had a PS/2 keyboard plugged in. WTF? It also didn’t have my video card listed, which I suspect was the root of the problem with the Wine service refusing to startup at boot. I probably installed Redhat three times and Windows twice before I gave up. I’m currently downloading Redhat 9.0, gonna give this one more shot …

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