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Six Weeks of Kicking Ass

After finals wrap up, I go straight home for an Opeth concert on the 8th of May, then fly out to Las Vegas on the 14th for some much-needed R&R. Although today is the last day of spring break, I really only had about 2 days out of 11 where I truly did nothing – the rest were spent getting up at 6am, working, and occasionally doing random stuff until obscenely late hours.

In the meantime, I have six weeks left of school. There is plenty to work on, and with my Playstation 3 resting comfortably back at home there is plenty of time to do everything. I’m going to start hitting the gym much harder over the next few weeks and try to push myself down as close to 220 as possible for the trip to Vegas. Right now I’m checking in at around 236-238, which itself is 10 pounds lighter than where I was at the beginning of the semester. Funny story, apparently the scale I bought last year to start tracking my weight is no good. It’s one of those digital scales with no way to calibrate, and it’s reading 8-15 pounds lighter than every other scale I’ve set foot on. I was certainly able to track weight loss with it, but the difference means that at the start of 2008 I may have weighed as much as 310 pounds. Still, there is a 70 pound difference between then and now, I’ve lost six inches off my waist, and I’ve gone from XXL shirts being nearly too small down to XL being about 5 pounds away from a perfect fit.

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I have contacts

After 16 years of wearing glasses, I moved to contacts this last weekend. In the beginning I was breaking glasses at the rate of about one pair a year – a nose pad would break off, or an arm would break off, and it would all be in some freak accident usually involving a second person and a dodgeball at recess.

The regular breakage finally subsided after I got out of junior high, but random annoyances kept popping up. The lenses would never stay secured, and the frames would gradually bend under the stress of about 20 hours of headphone use a week. And worse – the freak accidents kept happening. I stepped on a pair in 2002 and while I was able to bend them more or less back into shape, they never fit quite right after that. Then in early 2006 I snapped a pair clean in half just while I was cleaning them. The next pair actually lived long enough to reach its retirement more or less intact, but I did drop them on a tile floor once, resulting in a visible chip on one of the lenses.

The short version of this tale is that I am apparently incredibly destructive towards my glasses. After 2 days with contacts, I’m not sure if things will be better or worse. Yesterday I dropped a contact in the sink trying to put it in, then when trying to take it out later in the day I ended up just crumpling it in the corner of my eye. Maybe those are just newbie mistakes, or maybe I’m doomed to destroy every pair of contacts I get my hands on too.

Anyone want to spot me $4000 so I can go get Lasik? Hopefully I won’t find a way to break the laser in the 30 minutes it takes to get the procedure done.

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Cleaned up a bit

I almost completely douched the Footbaw category because the overwhelming majority of the posts were weekly matchups and predictions, but I left four posts in place. They all deal with different topics and personally I think they were pretty well-written. And by well-written, I mean I had diarrhea on the keyboard for an hour.

Also, I forgot to mention last weekend that the weight loss is continuing more or less on schedule. I’m down to 236 as of yesterday morning, which means I’m down 59 pounds over the last 25 weeks. I’m still planning to start biking on the trails around the neighborhood, but I need to buy a bike first.

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