Six Weeks of Kicking Ass

After finals wrap up, I go straight home for an Opeth concert on the 8th of May, then fly out to Las Vegas on the 14th for some much-needed R&R. Although today is the last day of spring break, I really only had about 2 days out of 11 where I truly did nothing – the rest were spent getting up at 6am, working, and occasionally doing random stuff until obscenely late hours.

In the meantime, I have six weeks left of school. There is plenty to work on, and with my Playstation 3 resting comfortably back at home there is plenty of time to do everything. I’m going to start hitting the gym much harder over the next few weeks and try to push myself down as close to 220 as possible for the trip to Vegas. Right now I’m checking in at around 236-238, which itself is 10 pounds lighter than where I was at the beginning of the semester. Funny story, apparently the scale I bought last year to start tracking my weight is no good. It’s one of those digital scales with no way to calibrate, and it’s reading 8-15 pounds lighter than every other scale I’ve set foot on. I was certainly able to track weight loss with it, but the difference means that at the start of 2008 I may have weighed as much as 310 pounds. Still, there is a 70 pound difference between then and now, I’ve lost six inches off my waist, and I’ve gone from XXL shirts being nearly too small down to XL being about 5 pounds away from a perfect fit.

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