More late night bloggings

I guess that’s three nights in a row, for the first time in… well, ever? Not sure what the scoop is tonight though, and I’m not sure I actually have anything to ramble about this time.

I actually worked this afternoon, for the first time in a week. The more time I spend getting our internet service database to line up with our billing database, the more I wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier in the long run for the kind folks who built our billing system to provide (or otherwise give me the keys to) an API that we can use to provision all our services out of. It makes sense, or at least it does to me considering it’s 4am. Somebody upgrades their speed, the order goes through the billing system, and bam it’s done. No losing the sheet of paper as it makes its way to the next room where the internet guy fills the order, and theoretically changes the speed. Somebody cancels or doesn’t pay their bill – turned off right away.

I’ve actually been able to roll some stuff I learned in this semester’s computer science class into the big project I worked on all summer. (You know, the project that was my life for 3 months, then 12 hours before it was supposed to go live we noticed the hardware we were going to upgrade at the same time didn’t work. So it got pushed back to Labor Day, then to fall break, then to…) This way in 3 or 4 years after I get lost in the wrong section of San Francisco and wind up dead at the hands of a deranged homeless person, the next person can come in and do whatever the hell they want without needing to worry about the heavy lifting database-type activities.

Ok, I guess I had something to ramble about this time.

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