Results and Such

My assessment of last Friday’s performance on the history test turned out to be pretty accurate. I got all the multiple choice questions right, lost 3 points (out of 20) on the long answer stuff, and lost 2 points (out of 35) on the essay. The 5 lost points were a result of leaving minor-but-important details out that the teacher was specifically looking for. Grand total was 70 out of 75 points, or a little over 93%.

Also took a history of rock music test this week, and keeping in mind I got a 97% on the first test, I only got a dismal 92% on this one. I didn’t pay enough attention to the material on Bob Dylan, apparently. Either way, I have one more test coming up in November, and as long as I get a B I’ll have an A for the semester.

If the semester ended today I’d have a 4.0 GPA. That’s not a bad start… now I just need to keep that up for another 10 weeks.

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