Nooo it are my birthday

I turned 28 today. I don’t really feel too old or out of place compared to the youngsters I have class with, so I guess things could be worse.

A quarter of the way through the first semester of classes, and I’ve learned a handful of things:

  • History of Rock Music is as easy as the title suggests, and having three multiple choice tests make up the grade for the entire semester pretty much guarantees an easy A.
  • Exam study guides help me cover up for the fact that I take way, way too many notes in class – close to 70 pages typed so far for all my classes.
  • The textbook we used at Metro for Japanese prepared you more or less for interacting with businessmen/businesswomen, and the textbook used at UNL prepares you for interacting with 20 year olds and surviving in a homestay on your study abroad trip. The grammar is the same, but there is a stark difference in speaking styles.
  • Unleashing your impressive knowledge of Japanese pop idols at the language table is a real good way to freak out your newfound international friends. (No, I wasn’t the guilty party for this one.)

And in closing:

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