Did I Say a Day or So?

I meant two weeks, I think. Of course, it’s just before 11pm right now and I have to get up for work in the morning, so I’m not going to be writing Atlas Shrugged here or anything.

I am back in school now, as best as I can be with a full time job that carries its own off-duty demands. Right now all I’m doing is taking a refresher in trigonometry so can move on to the calculus series. The idea is to take calculus 1-3 between this fall and next summer so I can transfer back down to Lincoln and finish my four-year degree. Somehow I managed to get enough credits between 1999-2002 to classify as four credits short of junior status, so I will be well into junior status after finishing calculus up. After that, there are really only a couple more classes in math that I need to take, and possibly foreign language, then it will just be computer courses the rest of the way.

I’m not sure how the foreign language situation is going to go. My understanding is I need four semesters of a language to clear the Arts & Sciences requirement. I took two semesters of Japanese at Metro in Omaha but I never used it once outside the classroom and have subsequently forgotten most of it. As for German… well, I lived there for five years, and I took through German III in school, but I haven’t used it at all since 1998. Either way, I have to start from ground zero again.

After that, who knows. I keep saying I want to check out the job scene somewhere on a coast; whether that’s in California or someplace east I don’t think I care too much right now. Just getting tired of the cornfields I think!

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