The State of the Site

Ok, so sometime last year I took this site down. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it – it seemed it was mostly just getting used as a file repository, then that got out of hand and basically became impossible for me to manage. I guess I don’t really have any use for it aside from its original purpose (which was to provide me a spot to ramble about shit) so here’s a fresh installation of WordPress. The older posts you see prior to this one were random things I had written up.

The real answer to the question of why I brought things back into gear now as opposed to any other time is I see Steve and Dave started theirs back up, and now I must do my part to keep up with the Joneses. Or the Englers. Whatever. And the only reason I’m up doing this now (now being 3am) is because I just got through turning my apartment upside down rearranging things.

As much as I like this place, there is one major flaw with it: the bedroom is in the worst spot imaginable. Take a look at the floorplan here.

On the other side of the bedroom wall to the far right is the entrance to the apartment building, complete with stairs. Those stairs get loud, and they get traffic at all hours of the day. That means if you sleep in that bedroom, you’re subjecting yourself to being awakened at 2am, 3am, etc. My solution to this was simple: grab a blanket and go sleep on the couch. That stuck quite well, because now I sleep soundly and don’t get any outside noise.

But that presented another problem. Not really a terrible problem, but a problem nonetheless. Aside from my clothes, I was basically packing my entire apartment into my living room. If I wanted to live in a studio, I’d go get a studio. So tonight, after five months, I decided I was going to move the computer and the TV into the bedroom. That meant rerunning all the cabling I had strung out through the apartment and trying two different layouts before finding an arrangement I liked.

Behold, the new look
(Slightly Photoshopped to try to cover up how shitty the camera is on my cellphone.)

More tomorrow, I’m finally worn out enough to sleep, and this post is getting long enough as it is anyway.

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