Shame on you, Newegg

So the DVD burner in my computer is finally taking a shit. I paid $30 for it and got two years of use out of it, so no complaints there. Last night there was $150 sitting in my Paypal account as a result of me selling my World Of Warcraft account. I had intended to leave the money there and slowly build on it so I can put together a new rig for school in a couple of months, but I can’t very well go without a CD drive in my computer. I figured, it’ll just be one less thing for me to buy later.

So the first place I looked was Newegg. I found what I wanted (a burner capable of burning dual layer disks and Lightscribe), and checked out. I told Paypal to use my balance on hand to make the transaction, and accepted it. Then, five minutes later, I got this e-mail:

Unfortunately, PayPal has not sent us confirmation that you have completed your PayPal transaction. This means you have not confirmed your payment to on the PayPal website. Therefore, your order xxxxxxxx can not be processed.

We welcome you to contact PayPal to resolve this issue, then reattempt to order with us. Alternatively, you are welcome to attempt to reorder through and select a different payment method.

Sincerely, Customer Service Team


I checked my Paypal account, and still had $150 sitting there. Did I miss something? Surely not, I order most of my company’s equipment through Newegg and am quite familiar with their checkout procedure. So I went back and tried it all again. Five minutes later, the same e-mail (with a new order number) showed up. Newegg is not taking my money, and blaming Paypal for it. Dumb.

So I went to Tigerdirect instead and found a comparable burner around the same price. I ordered, and used my Paypal account. Great success. The money’s gone, and my order status says “shipped”.

Congratulations Newegg, you just lost a sale! I welcome you to contact Paypal to resolve your issue.

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