Weird dream last night.

I’m rolling through town with 2 guys from work and one of the guys from Deceptio Visus. We come across these two vending machines that have their windows spontaneously shatter for no reason. There’s glass all over the place, and a shit ton of candy for the taking. We load up and start to leave, then one of the guys from work notices that there was a security camera watching the whole thing. Next thing we know there’s about 4 guys in suits running after us. We bail out and somehow manage to get out alive, leaving the bad guys in the parking lot after we drive off. We decide then that we’re gonna go hit up this musical for some reason. Next thing I know I’m in a car with someone else entirely and we’re at this drive through right outside the performance hall. The guy who’s driving totally screws up my order, that’s all I remember about that part. Then we get to the hall and I run in to none other than Vince McMahon from the WWE. Except it looks like Bret Hart. So he and I get to talking, and after about 20 minutes he decides he needs to bail. And that’s the end of that. After that I hear this news report on the radio talking about the snack machine heist. They say the suspects are the guy from Deceptio Visus, an athletic looking hardcore rocker (doesn’t match anyone’s description), and a Tae Kwon Do expert (again, doesn’t match anyone’s description).


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