So what is it we’re complaining about, anyway?

We as American gamers expect to see games from Square. We expect them to be uncut, wrapped up in gold foil, the whole nine yards. Then we expect Square to alter a game they were going to send to us untouched just because we don’t like it.

I first became engrossed with this situation with Square games two years ago when I found this page. Square was releasing all these games in Japan but not sending them here? That’s not fair! If Square’s going to extend itself to the U.S., you’d think that it would extend all its products to the U.S. as well, right? Unfortunately, the answer to that is “no,” and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can put up silly petitions, we can sign them and ship them off to Square of Japan, but what will they do? Politely inform us that they’re looking into the matter, or give us a little information on what’s planned for the coming months. I’ve accepted that.

It really is no wonder Square chopped up Final Fantasy IV and gave us a sliver of the pie. We complain about everything. We are a nation of spoiled brats who want everything, and we want it now, so help us God, or we’ll complain! I don’t understand the motives involved here. What are we trying to accomplish? With Final Fantasy IV, we want the original. Then with Final Fantasy VII, we want something other than the original. Consistent? No. Persistent? Yes, yes, ten times yes. It’s no wonder the Japanese think we’re too stupid to handle their games.

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