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Yeah, things have been pretty slow the last couple of days. I went and bought Unreal Tournament 2003 a couple of days ago so I’ve been playing that pretty constantly. I’ve seen a lot of Epic/DE’s critics bash UT for being too graphics-oriented instead of focused on gameplay, but I’ve personally never agreed. I don’t need to jack all the graphics way down just to squeeze an extra few frames per second out of my computer, I play the game to enjoy it.

Anyway I know there’s still some issues with the site (for example, I very stupidly broke the Funny section a few days ago) and will have them cleaned up before much longer. Gonna probably look at changing up the background a little bit as well. And I’m definitely testing Greymatter 1.3 before I put it live on the site. That’s one less thing I need broken, heh.

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Finally got a chance to check out Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Sweet little game, I might actually go buy it (and the appropriate hardware, of course). They plug Final Fantasy twice in about the first 20 minutes. Screenshots here and here.

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I found this Ninja Gaiden website that had the old 8-bit ROMs available for download, went and checked the first one out. That shit is fun, but it’s way too hard – one of the few NES games I had that I didn’t beat. It’s just insane.

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Posted June 9, 2003

Man I’m behind schedule on everything. My grandparents spent two weeks here so I made it my primary goal to be either away from the house as much as possible or to be asleep while they’re awake – and for the most part, it paid off. However my plans to have the cabalist in the upper-40s by now were shot to hell, as of this morning I’m barely halfway through 43. There’s probably more than my grandparents to blame for that – I started a necromancer and leveled him to 22, although between the shortcut to 20 that Mythic just put in and the fact that necromancers are very fast levelers that hasn’t taken much time, 20 hours tops.

The new Metallica album is out. Pretty much all that needs to be said is that it’s better than Reload, but in terms of quality their first five albums just kick the shit out of it. They did bring the raw heavy sound they used to have back to the front, and there are several moments in the album where it feels like you’re listening to their older shit – but those moments are few and far between. If they do any more studio albums, I’d rather see them totally revert to the sound they had on Ride the Lightning or Master Of Puppets. Mind-bending solos, long instrumental breaks, and severe ass-kicking. That’s what made them famous and quite honestly, everything they’ve done after Metallica has been sub-par.

As for site updates, I added a couple more funny pictures in and took the cam pic out. Basically the cheap piece of shit I was using quit working.

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